Saturday, October 29, 2011

Welcome Back to Day 2 of our Mommy's Hop in honor of little furry friends like me and Cuddles.Yesterday you saw my big sister, Cuddles' project. Today, you get to see mine.Since I was having problems making a page, that glue is awfully sticking you know, and well, it stuck to my paws. I went digital and made this little book for my Mommy and Daddy!

Aren't I talented on teh computer? I love helping my Mommy!
Cuddles forgot to tell you that we have blog candy for some lucky person and blog candy for some lucky furry friend who visits us. All you have to do is be a follower here and a follower of our Mommy, leave a comment here and on our Mommy's site. Our people blog candy is a grabbag of pet scrapbook stuff and pet blog candy is a pet toy!So, come on furry friends, let's be friends-Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Ferrots, we love you all!


  1. This is Tagger, Im here to say its about time we kitties get some more blog time. We are just too cute not to be seen. My Mommy really could use some pet scrapping stuff, she takes lots of pictures of me so she needs to make another book. And I can always use a new cat toy. I suppose the dog could use a couple new pages and toy too. Thanks.

  2. my name is Izzy - i am a purrrrre white cat... who loves to play in the kitchen sink (shhhhh - don't tell my mom) I know that she is currently following your mom with her crafty things and I over heard her talking about your mom and her fur babies... so i thought that i would write to say "hi" if she wins the treats I promise to share it with the dog (maybe)...